About Cyberdecks

It is time for dystopia, gear check.
Elon Musk wanting to buy Twitter leads naturally into the topic of cyberdecks and jacking in, which in turn naturally leads one to talk about audio on Linux.

But what is a cyberdeck? How do you build one? And when would you use it?

The sad state of video calls compared to Star Trek - why don't they have to install Teams to hail the Microsoft ship?

Lamenting the sad state of the current crop of dystopic overlords. Who runs Google, really? Amazon might be the most attractive target, just don't take down all our clouds by accident, okay?

Cyberpunk wasn't prepared for crypto, but when other things get bad enough that ceases to be a problem. Let's not papercut ourselves all the way to dystopia.

Linkable material

* Elon Musk has or has not yet bought Twitter
* Cyberdecks
* Jack - the sound library
* Shadowrun
* Keytar
* Pi 400
* Pi TFT
* Touchbar Lemmings
* The Framework laptop
* Google glass still exists
* Obsbot PTZ Camera
* Cory Doctorow on the Corecursive podcast
* Lightning - the on-top-of-Bitcoin payment system
* Podcast index
* Mer - the Swedish cordial-type drink

Alternate titles

* Jack in
* Something vulgar about it
* As far as cyberdecks go
* The keytar of keyboards
* Just hack the Gibson
* Rearview mirrors, but cameras
* Out cyberdecking
* The current crop of dystopic overlords
* Web-scale capitalism
* Our current psychopaths
* Papercut our way to dystopia