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About Remote Work

How do we feel about working remotely? Pretty good, on the whole.Chairs and other basics are of course important, as is making your way of remote work a nice way of do...

About Distributed Systems

Lars is thinking about distributed systems, and Andreas kind of fears them. The best thing to do for most cases might be to avoid distributing things at all. But if yo...

About Hackers

About Hackers Thinking about the term "hacker". Time to take it back to mean something rather down to earth, rather than a pedistal requiring years of C and a black ho...

About Being Wrong

About Being WrongWherein polite gentlemen at gaming conventions explain how people didn't have their variables separate enough with regard to the Dunning-Kruger effect...

About Estimates

Esteemed estimates explained elitely.

About Meeting Developers

Passing pandemics make it possible to meet developers in real life again. Elixir-Lars makes a splash, and tells about recent and coming real-life events he's enjoyed. ...

About Open Alternatives

Exploring the open alternate universe.

About Teaching Functional Programming

How do we learn you some Erlang? How do you learn a Haskell? Educating Elixir?

About Archives

Andreas appreciates Arch and Archives, alright?

About Cyberdecks

It is time for dystopia, gear check.

About Recruitment

Reasoning and reacting around recruitment?

About 90/10

Most of the stuff with not so much work?

About Good Software

Grumbling about software but trying to focus on the best parts. Software that sparks joy.

Small Entrepreneurs

Tiny thoughts targeting thoughtful transactions

About Learning

Professional, and unprofessional, improvement. Building skills and learning things.

About Seniority

Some senior citizens summarizing seniority? Seriously sus.

About Programming Languages

We talk about our programming languages.

About Types

Probably our most contentious conversation yet. We have opinions on types, so many people do.

About Databases

We talk about the databases we like and the ones we are skeptical off. And databasing in general.

About Production

Running things in production, things running in production, production in running things, in production running things.

About Vacations

Talking about our vacations and vacations as a concept.

About Observability

We observe metrics, logging and traces.

About Gear

Gear! What do you need to program and what do we use?

About Testing

Time to talk tests and testing.