About Good Things in Programming

Pondering positives
There are good things in programming, many of which are enumerated in this episode.

Among other nice things: the best features in Elixir. Lars won open source? Bots and realtime-y stuff. Not to mention a type system that screams at you.

Also: Lists in lists, in lists (in lists).

Code made by other people is not one of the things, however. Code made by other people is always upsetting. CSS does not make the list either, but Tailwind does, prompting a discussion of fractally difficult things, leaky abstractions, and progressive enhancement.

Linkable matter
Better titles
  • Keeps giving nil
  • Carefully optimistically happy
  • A JSON-thingy
  • You won open source
  • I have written the code, and it's not my problem
  • Murdering your garbage collector
  • A type system that screams at me
  • The maybes I got over pretty quickly
  • They never stopped being results
  • An inherited Erlang footgun
  • The speaker that was in the monkey
  • It's not only that I'm a backend developer