About Estimates

Esteemed estimates explained elitely.
About Estimates
Estimates are a nasty subject, Andreas doesn't know how to handle it.
Fortunately, Lars has one weird trick, which doctors hate.
When you have plenty of control, estimates can be useful.
Not useful: unexplained deadlines.
Finally: when things get stuck. (Lars is usually available to blame.)
(In an alternate timeline, Andreas' tells us everything his relatives taught him about quark cake.)

  • Their due dates, their deadlines
  • I have this one weird trick, that doctors hate
  • A constraint for the work
  • The magnitude of the task
  • Some real dumb things, and some very decent ideas
  • Skate curve
  • The smallest unit is always a day
  • Not agile enough
  • Slightly confused and maybe a little bit sad
  • If you think that's a map (, I think you're using it wrong)
  • Assorted concerns
  • You can't run past a tortoise
  • You can always split a cake in two
  • Quark cake
  • Accelerate a cake
  • A fixed estimate on the travelling salesman problem
  • Usually available to blame