About Being Wrong

Wherein polite gentlemen at gaming conventions explain how people didn't have their variables separate enough with regard to the Dunning-Kruger effect. Lars thinks Andreas has drawn the wrong learnings from this.

It's a good idea to be humble … but strong opinions loosely held may not be the perfect thing, either?

Also discussed is the curse of the expert - teaching across a large gap in experience, and how to actually go about changing systems and having better discussions. Have you considered being god's advocate instead of the devil's when in a discussion?

  • I attempted to make friends
  • Hard to know what you don't know
  • If you don't have your variables separate
  • They fumbled on the input data
  • I think you have the wrong takeaway
  • The curse of the expert
  • Have you looked at presidents recently?
  • Exhaust the universe
  • The halting problem of the universe
  • Sons of pedagogy
  • I feel comfortable, but I don't feel certain
  • A really badass judo throw
  • I can ignore many things
  • A multitude of parts
  • Bit by bit, you shift the system
  • Taking small stands
  • Very happy to be wrong
  • God's advocate
  • Random ideas, loosely shared
  • A good crowd for this question