How do we feel about working remotely? Pretty good, on the whole.
Chairs and other basics are of course important, as is making your way of remote work a nice way of doing remote work for you. It is also nice to need to wear your work face less.
The challenges are more around the social sides - communicating differently, but generally replacing and rebuilding ways of being social with people both inside and outside of your work interests. That takes work.
Also, some talk about audio and video gear for remote meetings. It's nice to come off as full-fidelity people!

  • My real comfy legendary office chair
  • My chair was kinda good
  • Fluffy parts
  • It's me and Conan
  • I go for the floof
  • Eventually ergonomic
  • Eventually comfortable
  • Whenever I don't have one, I create one
  • Your spine has a very particular taste in chairs
  • A prosumer phase of life
  • Definitely dialled in
  • Make sure you have a social life
  • I fetch a lot fewer coffees than most people
  • Ghost power!
  • Full-fidelity people
  • It's very much my office
  • I don't have to wear my work face all day
  • My work face