Text editors - which ones do we enjoy, which ones have we used, and what do we actually want and need in them?

Andreas has read about vim, sed and awk. Lars is quite comfortable in vim, but finds Visual studio code more than acceptable enough. 

Andreas is excited to show Lars how to use Vim properly. Lars considers advanced setups something of a hellscape.

Lars has held a lecture about functional programming and wishes to provide a path for new .Net developers (dotnet dots?) to become free software zealots.

They both share their history of editors.

There are dreams of ergonomic editing - of code as well as text in general - on mobile devices.

Any other editors we should be trying? No, but you could hack together collaborative vim editing. 


  • Learning violent vim
  • Like Thunderdome, but nobody leaves, ever
  • I could do that with monads instead
  • C's strange cousin
  • There's a new sed on the block
  • The power of just good enough
  • Two terminals beside each other
  • It's all a mess in here
  • My sword and lots of configuration files
  • The dotnet dots
  • Quitters don't use Vim
  • Real code is done on the server
  • Notepad the way I want it to work
  • A load-bearing note
  • Exciting and fun, and incredibly unsafe