The software development industry is very much built for code nerds. It shouldn’t be.

Many of us know many people who are really into coding. Not every working developer can, or even should, be though. Doesn't that create kind of a weird gap between professionals who live and breathe code both on and off work, and those who have a more balanced life?

Being passionate about your job shouldn't be an expectation or requirement for anyone or anything.

Is there too little space for learning - are we assumed to know too much, and assumed to spend our own time figuring out things we don't?

Your path into coding is not, can not, and should not be the only path possible.

  • I think that's perfectly healthy
  • Surrounded by them
  • Delving into software
  • Surrounded by nerds
  • Much more reasonable answers
  • Where the nerd doesn't go so deep
  • Computers are troublesome
  • Why should you be passionate about your job?
  • Squeeze the passion juice
  • Too passionate to defend themselves
  • Experience or scar tissue?
  • Many developers have lives
  • Popping out for the big picture
  • Doing good work takes all kinds