About What Every Web App Needs But Your Developer Does Not Want You To Know About

Every web app starts out fine, the tabula rasa of an unwritten BODY. But sooner or later you need users. And a million other things which live in trees.
Also: email.
And that layer between the controller and the database where things like fine-grained access control goes.
I'd like to have an admin, please.
Eventually, web apps grows up. And while a larger framework with solutions and conventions for all those grown-up features may not necessarily be fun, it can certainly be useful.
  • Check in on your application
  • Do you want details?
  • The view is the controller
  • Because names
  • I'd like to have an admin, please
  • The admin is kind of rough
  • All the data is introspectable
  • Endgame application
  • Not another user management system
  • A very special can of worms