GenServers are fun! Andreas gives all the context. Things were learned, knowledge was aquired. You can do so much with GenServers, but make sure you have a good reason.

If you don't watch out, this is where concurrency goes to die.

Dynamic supervisors, and their children, are thoroughly considered.

Also delved into is the mess other ecosystems make of doing things at the same time, waiting, and so on.
The strange worlds of C and other unusual languages are considered.

Finally, an interesting bug.


  • Where the system grows horizontally
  • The kind of thing that starts happening when you hire developers
  • It was missing a hat
  • I have become nothing, the simplifier of things
  • Where all the concurrency goes to die
  • A whole dance party of sad, dark people
  • The children of the dynamic supervisor
  • Homes can be nodes
  • Hundreds of interested parties
  • Turns life into promises
  • Poking some C programmers